This Interior Designer Has 435k Instagram Followers, And It’s Easy To See Why

Dated: September 3 2020

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Adding a few seasonal touches to your home can make it feel warm and festive. For some, that might mean sticking a wreath on the front door and calling it a day. But one Dallas, Texas interior designer has taken the notion of creating colorful, holiday-themed spaces to unbelievable levels.

Jennifer Houghton is the owner of a sprawling estate, dubbed Turtle Creek Lane, that she transforms into a whimsical wonderland for just about every holiday you can imagine.

On her website, Houghton explains that she believes in “celebrating everything in a big way,” which is a bit of an understatement. Offering home decorating ideas and inspiration, Houghton has 435,000 followers on Instagram, and her Pinterest board receives more than 800,000 monthly views.

While some may view the rooms as a bit over-the-top, even if it’s not your taste, you have to admire the devotion and hours that go into these creations.

Take a look and see if you’re ready to up your decorating game.

Oh my Gourd!

For Houghton, Halloween means plenty of pumpkins and scary skeletons. Trick-or-treaters must love visiting this “haunted” house. The interior is just as spook-tacular.

Happy birthday, Uncle Sam!

We’ve heard of walking the red carpet, how about the red, white and blue carpet? Talk about making a star-studded entrance. Uncle Sam is just waiting to greet you.

Easter Bunny can’t miss this house!

With carrots galore, the Easter Bunny will want to hop on over asap. Judging by the wires, it looks like these carrots light up at night for a hare-raising holiday.

It’s not just the exterior! Houghton embraces the Easter theme inside as well.

Cupid’s Climb

You know when it’s Valentine’s Day in this home. But if someone forgot to buy flowers, they could probably swipe a few for a bouquet without them being missed.

Merrier than a gingerbread house!

Of course, she knocks Christmas out of the park! Look at those trees and presents. Santa’s workshop can’t even compete with this place.

So, what does Hougton do between holidays? She redecorates a room around a theme. Take this “under the sea” bathroom for example, which was inspired by a ceramic turtle in the sink.

The Little Mermaid would feel right at home here.

Instead of decorating whole rooms around an object or theme, sometimes Houghton creates a colorful tablescape. These pay homage to bright and bold fruits.

Love these lemon topiaries! You can practically smell the citrus through your screen!

You don’t need to be SpongeBob Squarepants to enjoy a pineapple pool party! (But it probably helps to be friends with Houghton!)

Hats off to Houghton for having the time and energy (and money) to create these bold displays. The estate must have a massive basement to store all these decorations! (Betcha that’s decorated to the nines, too!)

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