2021 Home Decor Trends That’ll Rid Your Home of That 2020 Vibe

Dated: December 23 2020

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With the arrival of each new year, it’s fun to freshen up your home and make it look and feel contemporary. Especially as we usher out 2020—a year we’ve spent far too much time looking at the same interiors—you’re probably eager to create a different vibe with the help of some new decor.

What’s going to be in style for 2021? Designers agree it’s all about comfort and color! Ready to spruce up your space? Check out these trends that will make your place seem brand new again!

Go green!

There’s no doubt plants add color and vitality to a room. At the same time, many act as air purifiers. With the arrival of the new year, it’s time to dust off your green thumb and bring some gorgeous greenery into your home.

Plants aren’t just for decoration! Growing a garden is a source of pride that contributes to sustainability initiatives. Don’t have the land or desire? Start small with an indoor herb garden, which is a great way to add to color to the kitchen and spice up your dishes.

Goodbye, gray!

So long, neutrals! Bold wall colors are in for 2021. In fact, Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year is Aegean Teal. Elegant and a tiny bit tropical, this hue will take your walls from blah to beautiful in just a couple of coats.

Don’t be afraid of the dark! Designers are going for dramatic makeovers by using bold shades that make a serious statement. If you’re afraid that deep colors will shrink your space, consider painting only an accent wall.

Settle in and get cozy

Soft, luxurious sofas and chairs with rounded edges will beckon you to take it easy in the new year. Upholstered in velvet or other touchable textiles, seating areas are looking a lot more inviting.

Dark cabinets, bold fixtures

All-white kitchens are so 2020. Brace for bold cabinets accented with brass or copper fixtures. These distinctive details make kitchen clean up a bit easier on the eyes at least.

Textured walls

Paint color not enough to dress up the walls? Texture is all the rage. Stone facades, wallpaper, tapestries, or even fur are en vogue for 2021.

Multi-use spaces

With so many professionals working remotely, having a comfortable and efficient office space is crucial. But that doesn’t mean you have to dedicate a separate room. Just designate a corner, set up the necessary equipment, and get right to work.

Patterned flooring

Flooring has the potential to add personality and tie the room together. In 2021, it’s poised to become a serious focal point.

Antique mirrors

Everything old is new again! Though it’s a new year, travel back in time to the gilded age. Antique mirrors bring a sense of history to the space. If you’re stumped for wall art, you can’t go wrong with glass.

Mermaid tile

The subway tile trend has been derailed by mermaid tiles. These scalloped stunners take your backsplash out of the background to move it front and center.

So, if you’re planning any 2021 renovations or spruce-ups to your home, you have a little inside scoop on the trends that are sure to inspire you…and wow your guests. We’re gonna be able to have guests again, right?! Well, one can at least hope that’ll be a 2021 trend as well!

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