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Home and Office trends: ‘Biophilic’ Design

What is Biophilic Design (definition) – Biophilic design is the deliberate attempt to translate an understanding of the inherent human affinity to affiliate with natural systems and

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Selling Your Home? These Are The Upgrades Buyers Are Looking For During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the real estate landscape in many ways—including shifting buyer priorities.But what, exactly, are buyers looking for in today’s market?A recent article from

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Living Room Details You’ll Want To Get a Closer Look At During A Video Tour

Video tours have exploded in popularity in 2020. And for good reason! Video tours are a great alternative for buyers who are unable to tour properties in person (for example, buyers who are looking

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22 Surprisingly Genius Uses for WD-40 That You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

We all know that WD-40 is useful for mechanic work, and even to fix some squeaky hinges around the house.However, there is a whole range of WD-40 hacks that can be used to improve and fix issues

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